Custom quilts and pillows for families


What a privilege it is to make healing quilts for families who have experienced a loss. Many who are represented in my book "The Work of My Heart" have endured the painful death of someone they loved deeply. My heart would break each time I heard a new family story. Yet I was also uplifted by their courage to give voice and expression to their experiences. Over subtle passages of time, each family carefully selected pieces of well worn clothing,, fabrics, and mementos from their loved one's life. They brought these items to me in bags and boxes, and in a quiet light filled space, we sat together, shared tears and laughter and reminisced. From this sacred place, the stirring inspiration for my designs evolved. I truly feel honored each time I am invited to create a special story quilt that will be someone's keepsake for generations. In the pages of my book are stories told by families who have suffered the loss of a loved one and how they have chosen to celebrate that person's life with special quilts and pillows. I know without a doubt this is my mission on earth: to use my love and God given talent to help families heal.

This is the first of three 50"x 60" quilts I am making for a family who lost their little girl when she was 6 years old. Each family member

picked special pieces of

her clothing to include in

their quilt.

These pillows were made from the clothing of the family's loved one who passed away.

This is a pillow made for a family from the hats that was worn by their dad who passed away.

This is the center of a quilt I made for a family who's son was stillborn. that includes some of the clothing they bought anticipating his birth.